Biohacking for Beginners

When we use the term biohacking for beginners, we are not referring to hacking into someone’s computer! We are talking about a relatively new way to optimize your body and your mind’s performance.

Biohacking is a systems approach to feeling your absolute best. It is about disease prevention, improved memory, optimal performance in sports or career, having razor-sharp focus and increased energy to name a few.

It’s about eating the most nutritionally dense foods, spending time in nature, having gratitude, going beyond your comfort level, and being in “flow”.

Flow is being totally absorbed with a heightened awareness of the task at hand. It is an activity done well because you want to be your best, not as a means to an end.

You can alter how you view your life and change your general health through biohacking.

There are those that take it to the extreme and use practices such as Nootropics which are cognitive enhancing supplements. We are not suggesting you take it that far. We do, however, have some ideas that will bring you a healthier and joyful existence.

Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

Getting the best bang for your calorie will not only help keep your weight down, it will make your cells sing! Make sure to eat vegetables every day, especially the dark green leafy ones. They burn fat, are anti-aging (feeding your telomeres), they fight diabetes, help produce digestive enzymes, and they help your heart. I could elaborate on the subject of nutrition but, I don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence. You know what to do…

biohacking your diet

Play Your Favorite Music At Every Opportunity

It has been scientifically proven that music can actually reduce pain, improve the quality of your sleep, helps you eat less if played softly during a meal with the lights dimmed, relieves depression and elevates mood, can improve cognitive performance, can help you stay calm before a big presentation, reduces temptation to road rage, and helps relieve stress and anxiety. It can also motivate you to work out harder!

Spend Time Outdoors

On the cutting edge of science is a new term called grounding. It shows that getting out into nature in your bare feet allows you to absorb the earth’s negative electrons. This has amazing energizing and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Studies show that being outside can increase your serotonin levels, improve your attention span and it fosters empathy. You also will benefit from the absorption of vitamin D from the sun.

biohacking your life

Practice Gratitude 

The benefits of practicing gratitude are almost too numerous to count. It can actually make you healthier. Most importantly, it keeps us grounded realizing all of the good in our lives. If you are in a low point in your life, sometimes all the gratitude you can muster is that you have a mattress to sleep on, that’s alright. Realizing what you are thankful for no matter how small can enhance your gratefulness. Thanking your Creator every day will change who you are and how you think about the world.

Exercise – Even A Little!

Taking a daily walk can help relieve back pain, improve heart disease, diabetes and a host of other issues. No more excuses, just get outside and walk. It will lift your mood. It’ll change your life! Enough said…

Relax and Play

We need to light up the neurons in our brain by trying new, fun things. If we get stuck in a rut of work, eat, tv, bed, life can get dull and even a bit depressing. Think of one new fun thing you can do each weekend. Shoot basketball hoops, roller skate/blade, ride a bike, get an adult coloring book, devour a great novel you’ve been wanting to read, go bowling, play music and dance around the room. Anything that switches up your routine.

biohacking your life

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

We have become accustomed to drinking for almost any occasion. While it can be fun to celebrate with champagne at a wedding, it is quite another thing to find yourself drinking regularly. We have a bigger problem with alcohol use disorder than anyone would like to admit…especially the people who produce it. If you want to live a biohacked life, living with passion and energy, take a look at your alcohol consumption and ask yourself if maybe it would benefit you to cut back.

Well, there you have it! Biohacking for beginners. Please leave a comment or question in the box below.


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22 Thoughts to “Biohacking for Beginners”

  1. I often use soft music to calm the nerves, and being outdoors is not always possible so I use Aroma Therapy to do the trick. I cut down on alcohol and recently have been focusing on gratitude and it has been very rewarding. So I’m proud to say I’m on a good path here. This is really great, thank you for all other tips that I’m yet to try.

    1. Sounds like you’re on a great path Agnes!

      Thanks for your comments,

  2. Great list Diane and I’m glad to say that I’m practicing most of them. The only thing I’m lacking is find my ‘flow’. I seem to be in constant action doing things but can’t seem to achieve a good flow state.
    I used to do a lot of hobbies like building cars, timber work and more hands on stuff. But since having kids, working and all the other things life throws at you, I can’t seem to find flow tasks. Any tip on how I can get it back?

    1. Hi Vince,

      I think flow and focus are somewhat interchangeable terms. I’ve found that practicing meditation for only 5 minutes a day can really help. There is a great app for your phone called Breethe or you can go to

      We seem to always be in such a hurry to accomplish everything. If we can slow down and get lost in our work, we become so much more productive.
      Meditation will help you with concentration and focus.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Love it Diane!
    I do all those things during my week. I love meditating twice a day too. Music is something I both meditate too and get lost in. I was only last night laying in bed listening to Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd and David Bowie singing Comfortably Numb in a concert on Youtube. It seriously lifted me to another planet haha! Beautiful.

    Thanks for a great post. Love your website,



    1. Hey Kevin,

      You’re speaking my music language! So glad you see not only the pure enjoyment but the absolute benefit of music.
      Appreciate your kind words regarding the website!


  4. Perfect, straight forward and truthful. Thanks for the reminder and putting it the way it is. We all need to cut back on alcohol and eat more vegetables. Its not complicated and your website speaks to me because its illustrates the simplicity of a healthy lifestyle. thank you!

    1. Hi Dave,

      You’re right, excellent health is not complicated. It goes beyond with biohacking. It’s reaching a level where we can soar!

      All the Best,

  5. I like your tips and agree with the tips 100%. Our bodies, minds, and souls need to be fulfilled with the best in order to function well.

    1. Thank you for your comments Melani!

  6. Thank you for taking the time to put this article together. I really feel good right now. It’s funny, I used to be the person that thought I had no control over my life and that everything was pre-determined for me. Over the past 8 months I have come to realize that its quite the opposite. If I don’t like something change. If there are people in my life bringing me down remove them. If I am thinking negatively about myself stop.

    My life has changed tremendously this year. Some simple changes in my awareness and It’s like I’m a totally new person.

    When you mentioned gratitude I instantly thought about the Law of Attraction and the day I first became aware of it. They say, and I do believe, that be grateful for that which you already have is the best way to bring more of the things that make you feel good into your life.

    1. Hi Justin,

      One of the most empowering things to know is that we can control our thinking.Here’s one of my favorite passages:

      Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
      Phillipians 4:8

      Take care,

  7. Gail

    Hi Diane. I think we are definitely on the same wavelength and agree with your post. I love your suggestions too and know that getting into the ‘flow’ is where it’s at. Thanks again. Gail

    1. Hi Gail,

      Thanks so much for your comments! Glad to hear you’re doing well.

      All the Best,

  8. It’s funny that I’m reading this today when I’ve been practicing meditation more this past week. I turn off everything. No t.v. or distractions allowed. I turn on my little aromatherapy ‘spa room’ and add a relaxing scent like lavender and just focus- either on my breathing or the sound of the mist being released from the aromatherapy. Being outside with nature always relaxes me- but now I’m gonna take my shoes off and walk in the grass! lol. All of the things you listed remind me of things that I either need to keep doing or get back on track with (eating my greens!). This was a great article and I appreciate you sharing!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Try for some great guided meditation.

      Appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  9. Hello Diane,
    I practice some of these already but I have not heard the term “grounding”. It makes sense to me though since I grew up in a rural area and I feel so disconnected now living in the city. I want to be outside in nature all the time but it is hard! I miss having endless lakes and mountains right outside my door and huge gardens, wild plants and animals close by. I crave that now. I find the grounding concept very interesting! It makes sense.

    I have read recently about studies in Japan that show being in nature is healthy for a variety of reasons including breathing in aromatic oils from trees which are naturally antibacterial. Japanese practice “forest bathing” which is being outside in forests without distraction from electronics, strenuous exercise etc in order to get these health benefits. It is even encouraged as a national policy! I wish we could be so enlightened. Thanks for sharing this much better way of life in biohacking!

    1. Jessica,

      I enjoyed reading your comments. I have never heard of forest bathing. I’ll do a little research about it and see what I can find. I would love to visit Japan someday. Their culture is fascinating.

      Stay well,

  10. Finally I have found a website with all the information that I was looking for.

    I was really desperate in finding an article about Biohacking for beginners.

    I found everything I needed to know about this subject.

    Thanks for your valuable information!

    1. Thanks Emanuel! I appreciate your kind comments.

      All the Best,

  11. Bea

    Thanks for the great tips Diane. I definitely need to eat more vegetables. I try to but I don’t think I’m eating enough. I attend mindfulness sessions and try to go for walks and breathe in fresh air. One thing I never forget to do is – give thanks. I believe it is important to be thankful. Your post has just re energized me. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Bea,

      I’m glad my post re-energized you. If you ever have smoothies in the morning, add romaine or spinach and you will start your day right! I also find that buying vegetables that are easy to snack on like cherry tomatoes or small red, yellow or orange peppers, makes it easier to get your veges in.

      Stay well,

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