How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety Naturally

What To Do When You’re Stressed Out!

Stress is just a part of our crazy hi-tech world today. We are bombarded with decisions that need to be made and information coming from everywhere and it seems like we can’t escape it. I am going to give you a rock solid plan on how to relieve stress and anxiety naturally. As with anything, you need to have an open mind and commit to at least 5 minutes a day for at least 21 days to see a new habit form. Remember, stress comes not from what is happening but, your response to it! Your inner dialog is what causes the turmoil. Here you will learn how to relieve stress and anxiety naturally.

    • Breathe

      – Sometimes when we are feeling anxious, we breathe shallowly. Deep breathing brings oxygen to parts of the body that may not be getting a sufficient supply during times of stress. Here’s a great technique. It’s called the 4-7-8 breath. Inhale through your nose to the count of 4 until your belly expands. Hold for a count of 7. Exhale with your mouth open and SIGH ALOUD to the count of 8! During the exhale, mindfully think about your muscles relaxing. Do this 5 times and I promise, you will feel much better! It is said that your body is designed to release 70% of its’ toxins through breathing.

    • Meditation

      – It seems like it may be impossible to quiet our minds but, the practice of taking even 5 minutes to close our eyes and focus on our breathing (see #1). The misconception with meditation is that you need to completely clear your mind or you’re not doing it right. That just isn’t true.

    • The idea is to allow your thoughts to float by and go back to focusing on your breath as often as you think of it. Just try to keep bringing your attention back to your breathing. It helps to think the words “in” and “out” as you inhale and exhale as it assists in your focus. There are so many scientifically proven health benefits associated with daily meditation to include alleviates depression, helps curb binge eating, reduces asthmatic episodes, helps ADHD, psoriasis, IBS to name a few. I love my meditation App called Breethe for a guided meditation experience.
    • Create a to-do list every night

      – When we wake up in the morning, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the tasks of your day which are running around your mind without any organization. Make a list every night for the next day and prioritize it. The act of checking things off your list feels great and empowering! It takes the stress off:-)

    • Spend time outdoors in nature

      – There is nothing quite like being in nature to help you feel grateful to be a part of it. If weather permits, try spending 30 minutes a day walking or playing in a garden (yours or anyone else’s that will let you!). In inclement weather, sit by a window and just be still. If you begin to worry or stress, remember a phrase my mom used to say to me all the time, “This too shall pass”.

    • Eat Well

      – Let’s face it, if you’re eating a bunch of unhealthy food, it has to have an effect on your mood. I’m not making this stuff up! It’s very scientific! If you have a hard time with getting enough of the good stuff, please make sure you are taking a good multi-vitamin. Eat foods that are close to their natural state as possible. Make sure you eat leafy greens, berries, healthy fats such as avocados, salmon, olive oil, high protein foods that help with neurotransmitters in your brain (the feel-good ones!), foods high in B vitamins so you have energy (poultry, meat, eggs, dairy).

    • Keep a journal

      –  This was my last holdout. I really resisted journaling saying that I wouldn’t know what to write and what if someone saw it and thought I was an idiot. You know, all the crazy self-talk that doesn’t serve us. Then someone introduced me to the Penzu App. It’s locked (yea!) and requires a password to get in. Remember Dear Diary? I now find it to be a place to let off steam, dream my biggest dreams and cry my deepest tears. It is incredibly therapeutic and allows you to release anger, worry and a whole host of emotions. Sometimes I do like the acting of writing (like physically writing!). Here’s my favorite journal for those times. Again, try it for 21 days and leave me a comment and let me know how you’re feeling.

    • Hot bubble baths by candlelight with music

      – If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how I cherish my nighttime bath ritual. It relaxes my muscles (don’t forget the Epsom salts!). It allows me to think back on my day without distraction to see what I can learn from my decisions. I always have a cup of my favorite Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian Tea to help me fall fast asleep. Try this and let me know how it works for you. I just bet you will love it as much as I do!

    • Stretching/Yoga/Cardio

      – When you are stressed, you can feel it in your muscles as they tighten when you’re angry or worried about something. I find the best time to stretch is right after a bath as my muscles are warm and it is safer to stretch warm muscles. Fast walking/running is great for the morning hours to change your “state” as Tony Robbins would say.

  • Prayer

    -To quiet your mind and thank the divine intelligence that created you is a humbling experience and one that allows you to spend some time every day thinking of all the things you have to be grateful for and it lets us practice Thanksgiving.

  • Confide in a safe friend

    -We all need a “safe place to fall”. It helps to talk through your stress sometimes. This is different than complaining or placing blame which is not constructive. Social connections are so important to our well-being. If you don’t have someone you feel you can share your feelings with, feel free to email me and I can share some ideas on this subject.

As always, please leave any thoughts or comments below on how to relieve stress and anxiety naturally. I would love to hear from you!


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16 Thoughts to “How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety Naturally”

  1. Rob S.

    Stress is a killer and can disrupt your sleep and your life. When I get stressed I do try and take the time to breathe deeply and concentrate to calm myself down. Meditation is also a great crutch for stress. I like to meditate often when a stressful situation arises. It really helps me. One of my favorite ways to deal with stress is to be outdoors with nature. It’s the most relaxing place to be when stress calls my name.
    I try to eat healthy and exercise but one thing that also helps me in a big way is to confide in a best friend. If I trust them and have two good ears for listening then that’s where I turn for peace.

    1. diane


      It sounds like you’re doing all the right things! Stay healthy. Let me know if you ever have questions.

      All the Best,


  2. Jojo

    These are really great tips. A lot of the time you don’t thing of these things. For example your first suggestion, stopping and breathing deeply. This is very easy to do but often we don’t think of it. I also like your explanation of meditation. Closing your eyes and concentrating on breathing is a very simple form of meditation which I think is accessible for all of us. Many people think of meditation as something mystic, timeconsuming and difficult.
    Finally I will take a look at the Penzu app. I have soo many things going through my mind right now and I do need to let off some steam.
    Thanks for a great post.

    1. Diane


      I’m glad my post was helpful. You will love Penzu. It’s super easy and private!

      Stay healthy!


  3. B. A. Scott

    Wow! Thanks so much for these awesome stress-relieving tips.

    I, too, was hesitant to write a journal and I discovered Penzu some time back. I love it. I like the fact that there is a phone app and you can sync it with your desktop.

    Making a to do list is also one of my habits. I went to a dollar store and bought these to do list pads that have a little box to check off once the task is finished. They’re so helpful.

    I can’t wait to try the other things you suggest. Another thing I’d like to add is playing with your pet. I find that a great stress reliever too. What do you think?

    1. Diane


      Yes, playing with your pet is an awesome stress reliever! 

      So glad you’ve got some of these tips already in place.

      Keep up the good work!


  4. Elsa

    You have some great advice to deal with stress that I’ve never thought about before! I love the one on creating a to-do list every night. I find at night I’m very relaxed, but then I wake up in the morning and think about everything I have to do and seem to forget half of it. I feel as creating a list would keep me organized and help to motivate me to get it all done! So thanks again for the ideas!

    1. Diane

      Thank you Elsa! I find that keeping a list helps me to fall asleep easier as my mind is clearer. If I wake up in the night with a thought or idea, my notepad is right by the bed so I can quickly jot it down and go right back to sleep!

  5. Fabulous list Diane.
    My favs are nutrition, meditation and getting outdoors away from phones computers and technology.

    The most profound de-stresser was starting a gratitude journal a couple of years ago. This eats away stress and boosted my happiness to the sky.

    All the best and thanks for the great content.

    1. Hi Vince,

      Thanks for commenting! So glad you are doing well!!!

      All the Best,

  6. Hi! great post. Meditate and eat well, I think that both have helped me a lot to reduce stress. I really like that you mentiones that, because most of the people do not realize how much this could help them with stress. Thank you so much for this information 😀

    1. Hi Javiera,

      Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comments. I appreciate it!

      Take care,

  7. Liz

    Great tips! I think one thing that people often underestimate is the simple act of spending time in nature, and being really present while you are there. No phones or other technical disruptions-just being present with yourself and those around you. So important!

    1. Hi Liz,

      You are so right. Taking a break from all our devices is so vital to our health. I love spending time gazing out at the wonders and vastness of nature. It really helps you to appreciate and connect with your life.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      All the Best,

  8. otorres2628

    Well put Diane,

    Breathing is probably the easiest thing to do. Most people overlook this and often are under-breathing. I often do a full body scan every couple of hours to correct my posture and breathing. It really helps in relaxing the muscles, especially when sitting for long periods.

    Also, a long run always does the job.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

    1. Diane

      You are right! Breathing deeply and correctly can help tremendously! Sounds like you’re doing well with the stress in your life.

      Keep up the good work!



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