Review of Xtreme Eyelash Extensions Training

I attended the Xtreme Eyelash Extension training in February of this year. I had signed up for a 2 day class in my home town of Scottsdale but they called me about 10 days before the class and said it had been canceled. I ended up flying to LA about 3 weeks later for a class as it would be months before they were coming back to Arizona.

Our instructor was excellent and she made the class fun. They were very long days from 7 AM to 7 PM. When I made the decision to go to LA, they said they were offering the 4-day class there and I accepted as I wanted to be certified and I knew that the 2 day wasn’t enough time.

The chairs that we sat in during class were hotel banquet chairs and were very wide. We needed to straddle them while doing our applications. By day 4, my back was fried and I had to fly home early:(

There were only 10 in the class which seemed like a great size although, there were times that we had to wait awhile for our instructor to help us or to check our work.

There was a lot of emphasis on the brand itself and its’ founder, Jo Mousselli. They make it very clear that there are strict rules to be followed if you want to be able to purchase supplies from them.

One of their rules is that you may not advertise a full set price lower than $200. If you want to have a discount for a short period, that’s alright but, you may not advertise it. That price seemed very high as the majority of places in Scottsdale charge an average of $125-$150 for a full set.


close up of a woman's eye with eyelash extensions

They have a rule that you may only use their brand of supplies and lashes. You also need to purchase a minimum of $100 every quarter to include a bottle of their adhesive (which is definitely on the high end at around $85-$95). You are also not allowed to train any other stylist.

There is a non-compete clause in your agreement which says you may not sell training or products for a period of two years after you have ended your relationship with Xtreme.

They put your name on their website directory after you have been certified. You most likely will not be certified during your first 2-day class. To get certified, you need to correctly apply 50 lashes per eye within 2 hours. They can de-certify you for any reason or no reason at any time.

Any returns of products purchased must be made within 14 days and are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. You pay return postage.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the training, your entire tuition is non-refundable. If you are tardy, you will not be eligible for a refund and will need to reschedule.

In conclusion, the Xtreme eyelash extensions training is professional and top notch. Their rules are very strict obviously. I paid around $2700 for my training. You do need to be a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician in Arizona to be a lash extension artist and Xtreme requires proof before attending the training.

Hope the information in this article helps you.

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